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Uncle Milton Virtual Explorer Antopia Adventure Pack

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    • blob This interactive 4-in-1 experience combines exciting virtual reality and augmented reality technology with hands-on ant activities and real STEM learning as you travel through prehistoric times!; Use the classic Ant Farm habitat to see live ants dig tunnels and build mountains as you explore the underground world of ants; It's break-resistant, and escape-proof; Order live ants online!; Use the explorer activity guide poster with your ant habitat to learn about ant behaviors, anatomy, and more; Find answers and the VR/AR cards that unlock exciting virtual adventures; Use the high-quality virtual reality goggles with your smart phone and the free app to go on amazing 360-degree journeys through an underground ant colony; The VR goggles also work with other VR apps; Use the 3D augmented reality cards with your VR goggles to view interactive 3D model images of different types of ants Note: cards are required to unlock VR and AR experiences in app., requires a compatible iOS or Android smart phone (not included)
    • Parts Not Available
    • Display Type Not Applicable
    • Compatible Devices Select Smartphones
    • Sensors None
    • Color Category Multi
    • Control Type None
    • Labor Not Available
    • 360 Degree View Yes

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