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Power Rangers: Seasons 8-12 (Full Frame)

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    • Studio & Production Company Cinedigm
    • Actors Ismay Johnston Jorgito Vargas Jr. Miriama Smith Richard Genelle Antonia Prebble Najee De-Tiege Thuy Trang Barnie Duncan Nikolai Nikolaeff Alison MacInnis Amy Jo Johnson Gareth Yuen Wendee Lee Alex Heartman Peta Rutter Rod Lousich Sarah Thomson Walter Jones Olivia Tennet Ron Rogge Emma Lahana Sasha Williams Glenn McMillan Nakia Burrise Sean Johnson Catherine Sutherland Paul Schrier Daniel Ewing Brittany Pirtle Cerina Vincent Latham Gaines Steve Cardenas Anna Hutchison Jason Chan Archie Kao Jason Narvy Russell Lawrence Patricia Lee Tracy Cruz Rose McIver Kelson Henderson James Gaylyn Ari Boyland David Weatherley Brianne Siddall Selwyn Ward David de Lautour Eka Darville Melanie Vallejo Roger Velasco Caitlin Murphy Carol Hoyt Aljin Abella Jason Smith Adam Tuominen Steven Skyler Holly Shanahan Jack Banning Jason David Frank Samuell Benta James McFay Keith Robinson Sally Martin David Yost Hilary Shepard Turner Tom Hern Jeffrey Parazzo Rhett Fisher Terence Rotolo Pua Magasiva Amy Miller Nic Sampson David Fielding Johnny Bosch Monica Louwerens Melody Perkins Katrina Devine Michael Chaturantabut Richard Brancatisano Rhoda Montemayor Christopher Grey Reggie Rolle James Napier Hector David Jr. Gregg Bullock Bede Skinner Danny Slavin Firass Dirani Erika Fong Austin St. John Angie Diaz Milo Cawthorne Dan Southworth Blake Foster Kevin Duhaney
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.50 x 0.50 x 7.44 Inches
    • Release Date 11/12/2013
    • Duration 2610
    • Genre Action Martial arts Adventure Animated Science fiction Fantasy Children
    • Original Languages English
    • manufacturer.part.number RANGERS:SEASONS
    • Series Title Power Rangers
    • "The Voice Of A Ranger": A Look at the ADR Process with Voice Director Scott Page-Pagter and members of the "Power Rangers" cast, "Ranger Tales": Cast members reflect on their seasons of "Power Rangers", "Pure Titanium": Rhett Fisher looks back on the first purely American-created "Power Ranger", "A Web Of Fans" An in-depth look at the thriving world of "Power Rangers'" Internet Fandom, including fan web sites and Saban Brands' own Power Force, Original "Return Of The Ranger" Featurette.

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