Classic English and Scottish Ballads from Smithsonian Folkways [Audio CD]

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  • blob Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender (Child No. 73) (Mike Seeger); Golden Vanity (Child No. 286) (Doug Wallin); The Mermaid (Child No. 289) (The Golden Eagle String Band); Mathie Groves (Child No. 81) (Dillard Chandler); The Hanging of Georgie (Child No. 209) (Iron Mountain String Band); Gypsy Davy (Child No. 200) (Margaret MacArthur); Thomas the Rhymer (Child No. 37) (Ewan MacColl); Lady Margaret (Child No. 74) (Pete Seeger); Lord Randall (Child No. 12) (Jean Ritchie); Pretty Polly and False William (Child No. 4) (Paul Clayton); Andrew Batan (Child No. 250) (Warde Ford); Three Nights Drunk (Child No. 274) (E.C. and Orna Ball); Lord Bateman (Child No. 53) (The New Lost City Ramblers); The Two Sisters (Child No. 10) (Ellen Stekert); Gallis Pole (Child No. 95) (Lead Belly); Lord Barnett (Child No. 68) (Ella Parker); The False Knight Upon the Road (Child No. 3) (Artus Moser); Barbara Allen (Child No. 84) (Dan Tate); The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry (Child No. 113) (Paul Clayton); The House Carpenter (Child No. 243) (Dorothy Rorick); The Farmer's Curst Wife (Child No. 278) (Horton Barker)

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