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The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr.: The Complete Series

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    • Studio & Production Company Warner Home Video
    • blob Disc 8 - All Enhanced Content.; (episodes only).; The world's favorite western,sci-fi,comedy,action cult hit rides again.; Here on 8 discs is the complete series about Brisco (Bruce Campbell), a tough-as-rawhide cowpoke, debonair ladies, man and Harvard-educated smarty-britches who roams from Frisco to Jalisco in pursuit of outlaws who killed his father and in search of a mysterious orb possessing out-of-this-world powers.; Hot lead and cool anachronisms await Brisco as he and his sidekicks - including Comet, the intellectual equine who doesn't know he is a horse - fight for justice in the way-out West.; Put your boots in your stirrups, your tongue in your cheek and join the fun.; Let's play cowboys and aliens.; Episodes include:; Disc 1 - Pilot ,Socrates Sister, The Orb Scholar; Disc 2 - No Man's Land; ,Brisco In Jalisco, Riverboat,Pirates; Disc 3 - Senior Spirit,Brisco For The Defense,Showdown,Deep In The Heart Of Dixie; Disc 4 - Crystal Hawks,Steel Horses,Mail Order Brides,A.K.A. Kansas; Disc 5 - Bounty Hunter's Convention,Fountain Of Youth,Hard Rock,The Brooklyn Dodgers; Disc 6 - Bye Bly,Ned Zed,Stagecoach,Wild Card; Disc 7 - And Baby Makes Three,Bad Luck Betty,High Treason (Part 1),High Treason (Part 2); Disc 2 - No Man's Land
    • Target Audience Adult,Teen
    • Actors Bruce Campbell, Billy Drago, Christian Clemenson, Jeff Phillips, John Astin, John Pyper-Ferguson, Julius Carry, James Greene
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 7.80 x 7.80 x 7.80 Inches
    • Release Date 07/18/2006
    • Duration 1385
    • Original Languages English
    • Occasion Everyday
    • Character Brisco County, Jr.

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