Show Dad How Much You Truly Care

Father's Day

Father’s Day is approaching, and it’s a great opportunity to show the dads in our lives how much we truly care about them, not to mention a perfect opportunity to spend some much-needed quality time together. As with Mother’s Day, however, it can be a big task selecting the perfect gift.

Add to that, in a lot of cases, you’re shopping for more than one “father” – husbands, fathers-in-law, stepdads, and other significant men in your life are often also included, each with distinct personalities and interests, and gifts that require some thought.

Is there a way you can find something great for the fisherman in your life, while also making the runner equally happy? Do you happen to know Dad could use some stylish new swim trucks, or better hiking socks? Maybe the thing that would make him happiest is quality time spent with you, playing indoor or outdoor games.

Whatever it is that you know your dad would love, and no matter how many fathers, dad, and daddies you’re shopping for, you can get it all in a single cart at Gotchya. We’ve got the selection, the deals, even the best coupons. Browse our wide selection and you’re bound to find the perfect gesture. So say, “Gotchya!”

Happy Father’s Day!

Show Dad How Much You Truly Care

Gotchya Connects You to Innovations That Will Change The Way You Watch Television

Cord Cutting made easy.

Every day more people are “cord cutting” in an effort to get control of their cable/satellite bill and save some money. At Gotchya, we offer everything you need to cut the cord yourself, potentially saving you hundreds a month.

Because technology is always evolving for the better, there are now more ways than ever to get the content you want more conveniently, and less expensively by streaming over the internet and/or accessing free HD content over the air (OTA).

Roku’s streaming devices give you access to a plethora of Internet streaming content without the cost of satellite or cable tv.  All you need is a Roku or similar streaming device and you can access content from your favorite network and cable TV channels on your terms. Pick the services and channels that you want and leave the ones you don’t want behind.

Get what you need to setup Roku all in one place.

Because over 90% of the top 100 television shows are actually broadcast over the air – and are therefore free of cost – many people have opted for ways to access this free content with new affordable technology such as an indoor HDTV antenna. Mohu, for instance, has produced innovations with the television antenna, enabling viewers to access more stations with clarity, even at a great distance. Ingeniously designed, the Mohu Leaf is a one-time purchase that is incredibly easy to install and can help to eliminate your monthly cable/satellite TV bills.

Get what you need to setup Leaf all in one place.

With the combination of these two innovations, you’ll have incredibly convenient access to everything you could wish to watch.

So check out our great selection of Mohu Leaf Antenna’s and Roku Streaming Players, and find something that’s sure to suit your needs and budget. Best of all, we’ll make sure you’re getting the best overall deal on all your selections – now that’s smart shopping!



Cord cutting 101




Gotchya Connects You to Innovations That Will Change The Way You Watch Television

We’ve Got What You Need For Memorial Day and Beyond

Happy Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches, our focus shifts to a more relaxed, festive way of enjoying the warmer months. Though we’re still busy, we’re anticipating vacations, barbecues, and weekends spent on the lake, at the beach or by the pool.

We begin summer by celebrating our freedom and the sacrifices made to ensure that freedom, and we do so by remembering what matters most to us – the people that we love. And although the weekend  takes some preparation, planning, and shopping, we want to get back to what’s important as soon as possible.

That’s why Gotchya wants to make your Memorial Day shopping, as well as shopping for all your summer festivities, quick, and easy. So, get everything you need for summer, for your next family getaway, or your favorite outdoor activities all in one place, at Gotchya.

Looking for the best deals on everything you need for summer fun? We’ve Gotchya covered!


We’ve Got What You Need For Memorial Day and Beyond

When You Use Gotchya, Shopping and Planning for Memorial Day Can Be a Breeze

Summer Kickoff

Spring is in full swing, and summer is in the air, close on its heels. Maybe you realize it’s time to switch out the jacket and boots for sandals and shorts, or smell freshly-cut grass, or the tantalizing smell of food grilling, wafting down your street.

The first big summertime festivity is Memorial Day. It’s a time to be grateful and reflective, a time to spend outdoors with loved ones, enjoying the most important things in life. For some, it will be the first time this year that we take a dip into the ocean, or get the boat out on the lake. However you celebrate, it can be all the more joyous and memorable if you do a little planning.

Gotchya has everything you need to plan a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. There’s really no need to run all over the place looking for grilling supplies at one store, and ordering beach towels from another. Our wide selection allows you to browse your favorite brands from top retailers, put everything in one cart and check out in one place. And all those Memorial Day “deals” and coupons? No need to give yourself a headache sorting through them. We’ll find and apply the best ones for you.

When you use Gotchya, shopping and planning for Memorial Day can be a breeze this year.


Check out our great selection of grills and accessories here!

When You Use Gotchya, Shopping and Planning for Memorial Day Can Be a Breeze

Let’s Make It a Mother’s Day to Remember

gotcha coveredThe second Sunday each May is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the women in our lives. But the truth is, shopping for Mother’s Day can be difficult. The thought may count, but we also want to give mom something she’ll truly enjoy for years.

It’s tough to navigate through the weeds of ads, coupons, and so-called “deals” that crop up all over. Are we really getting a deal? Is that coupon even worthwhile? Do we want to bother shopping online if it means ordering from several different sites?

We’ve been there, and we feel that shopping should be enjoyable. Which is why we take in all the factors that affect the cost of your order to ensure that you’re getting the best overall deal. Really.

This Mother’s Day, enjoy the bargains without the hunting.

Approach Mother’s Day with less stress this year. And when you see the smiles as your gifts are opened, you can smile to yourself and say, “Gotchya!”

Let’s Make It a Mother’s Day to Remember

Gotchya – Because You Know Mom Best

Gotchya – Because You Know Mom Best

Despite what advertisers would have us believe, there is no one-size fits all when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. No one knows Mom as well as we do – definitely not big advertisers. The wonderful thing is, the gifts that we choose and the gestures that we make will be as unique as the moms that we love.

Perhaps we know our mother is serious about her health and wellness, and that she would love a kayak so she could spend more time outdoors. Maybe you can tell she would treasure a bottle of her favorite perfume or a cashmere scarf, but wouldn’t ever buy such an item for herself. Or, more than anything, you’re sure nothing would please her like a photo of her grandchildren in a beautiful frame.

We also understand that you’re often shopping for more than just one special person on Mother’s Day – wife, mother-in-law, sister, stepmom, and other special women who have touched your life. So we’re here to make your life a bit easier.

This Mother’s Day, you’ve come to the right place. At Gotchya, we understand it’s about so much more than just shopping, it’s about having access to a great selection of products, from hundreds of top retailers, with the confidence that you’ve found a great deal inclusive of coupons . And after you’ve completed your shopping you’ll be the one to say, “Gotchya!” and get on with celebrating the mothers in your life!

Gotchya – Because You Know Mom Best

Shop your List and Save Even More at Gotchya!

shop your list and save
When you have a long list of items to buy, shopping can be daunting. Whether it be general purchases for the family, items for a camping trip, a home decorating project, a party, a vacation, or any other event you begin to wonder, How much is this all going to cost me?

Then there’s the possibility that store A has the best deal on one item, but store B has the best deal on another. So, how do you find the best deal for everything on your list without fear of missing out on great deals somewhere else?

Now imagine shopping for everything on your list but ditching the time consuming search for available coupons (we do it for you), and the mad dash from site to site (we search multiple top retailers so you don’t have to) and imagine instead sitting down in the comfort of your home, spending a minimum amount of time and effort to get exactly what you need.

At Gotchya, you can shop without the fear of missing out and when you shop for more than one item at Gotchya you can save even more as we group your items in the best possible way, so you get the best overall deal, in a single checkout process.

So, the next time you have several items to purchase, try tackling your list with less stress. Now you’ll be the one to say “Gotchya”!

Shop your List and Save Even More at Gotchya!

Gotchya Helps You to Finds the Best Deals

We would like to think that we’re getting the best deals when shopping online, but it can feel as if it’s nearly impossible to know if we truly are. Till now, the burden has been mostly on the shopper to find the best product prices and to search for coupons but let’s face it – that’s a frustrating, time-consuming process that can feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Sure, you can sit down to shop online and “conveniently” discover everything you need, but finding it all in one place and save time and money while doing so? – Good luck. It’s no wonder that we may end up deciding that the effort is taking more time and causing us more stress than we can afford.

At Gotchya we decided that getting a good deal, and saving time and money while doing so, should be a natural part of the shopping experience, not a vague goal you’re never quite sure you’ve achieved. We designed Gotchya to take the mystery out of the process. We show you not only the top deals, but we also find the best shipping rates and even apply available coupons for you. And then to make things as convenient as possible, you get to check out with a single universal shopping cart.

Don’t waste your time chasing elusive deals any more. We’re the real deal, and we’re going to save you time, effort, and money.

Gotchya Helps You to Finds the Best Deals

Gotchya – A Better Way to Find the Best Deals on Your Favorite Brands

One of the most common considerations when it comes to shopping online is, “Where can I find the brands I love?” Even though there are many online retailers where we can find our favorite brands, the shopping experience itself usually leaves a lot to be desired. It often feels like the shopping experience was created with the business’ interests, rather than the customer’s needs, in mind.

What if you discovered a shopping experience created for you, and not for big business? Wouldn’t it be great if you could not only find the top brands you love through one site, but also feel confident that you got a great deal? We want to put you back in charge, so you can find exactly what you want, without the fuss you don’t need.

Thanks to our iCart, there’s no need to jump around filling up multiple online carts just to be sure you’ve found the best deals – We’ll find them for you! Explore the many top brands available on Gotchya for the most satisfying online shopping experience ever.

A Better Way to Find the Best Deals on Your Favorite Brands

Gotchya – A Better Way to Find the Best Deals on Your Favorite Brands

With Gotchya, When Your Cart Grows, Your Savings Grow

Sometimes, life requires an extensive shopping list. This is especially true of vacations, parties, and family events – all things we look forward to. A long list can become especially stressful when shopping for that list involves visits to multiple stores and the stressful process of multiple checkouts – whether in store or online.

The good news is that Gotchya is the one shopping destination where a long list is an added benefit, not a drawback! In fact, the more items you add to your cart with Gotchya, the more you can save, One way that our iCart automatically optimizes itself is by checking if combining your purchases at fewer retailers could result in lower shipping costs due to hitting free shipping thresholds. This is one of the many ways that Gotchya works on your behalf to save you time and money.

When you have a busy life and a family, a long shopping list is often a fact of life. But, like ourselves, we know you shop to live and don’t live to shop. With you in mind – we created a place where your many essentials can be taken care of at once, with the added satisfaction of knowing that you’ve found a site that works on your behalf. Now that’s a good feeling.

With the help of our intelligent cart optimization to find you the best prices, lowest shipping and tax costs, and available coupons, you can shop for many items and still save plenty.

Gotchya – Shop Many, Save Plenty!

The more you add to your shopping cart...

With Gotchya, When Your Cart Grows, Your Savings Grow